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Welcome to Data Center InterConnect

India has become tech-savvy with the IT & ICT boom. Digitisation has helped the Indians go paperless, converting information and conversations into digital formats that can be preserved and accessed for a lifetime. Be it any kind of data or document - right from audio, texts, video, images, business cards, periodicals to books - it is digitized. Services and Solutions of business and public utility are changing to digital formats. All this was possible due to building of Data Center Infrastructure post IT revolution.

Data Centers are the most critical component in the digital transformation ecosystem. A datacenter is essential for hosting application of private and public information. These data centers help streamline information while enabling easy access to users and customers from anywhere across the globe.

The growing data and demand for exchange, to access information anywhere anytime for delivering of services and better customer experience are fostering need to connect various data centers together. Interconnected datacenters to benefit workload sharing, scalability and readily availability of multiple data for insightful forecasts.

India has emerged as the third largest Internet market in the world due to the phenomenal growth of smartphones and mobile app adoption. Increasing popularity of over-the-top services, such as messaging apps, online gaming, and video streaming have further led to explosion of digital content in the country. Today, India is among top 3 countries with largest user base of Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and You Tube. With the ongoing expansion of 4G and aggressiveness to 5G networks, Internet consumption is only going to increase. Other main drivers for growth in data are digitalization and government's Digital India campaign.

The Indian data center sector is posed to nearly double in size by 2020. The market will achieve a compound annual growth rate. The boost is also due to explosive digital needs of emerging economy with huge population. Furthermore rising complexities within the IT infrastructure brought about by virtualization and consolidation, coupled with various cost constraints, are encouraging large enterprises for Datacenter Interconnectivity.

With the changing needs, DCI will see a huge demand. To leverage its full benefit country must address the risks and barriers to DCI operations as well as create right environment for businesses to build efficient infrastructure.

The summit is of great significance to DCI technology providers, infrastructure providers, cloud providers and other industry segments using or implementing digital transformation in their organisations. It will provide key insight on present scenario and bring technology experts together to deliberate and debate on challenges, issues and analysis with the DCI.

The summit is likely to cover following points

  • Evolving Data Center InterConnect needs in a digital transformation landscape
  • Data Center Licensing and Interconnect Policy Framework and Law Enforcement
  • Scaling challenges and solutions for large data center interconnection to answer emerging data storage needs of the future
  • Understanding the issues with the connected Data Centers and The Next Generation Threats, Cyber security Trends for safety, reliability and privacy of businesses, people and nation
  • Addressing Energy Consumption and Green Environment Concerns

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