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Focusing on How AI Is Brining Metaverse to Life

We at Nexgen Conferences are pleased to announced India’s Inaugural event on Artificial Intelligence for Metaverse titled as AI + METAVERSE INDIA CONGRESS 2023 in New Delhi. We take this precious opportunity to invite all Stakeholders from around the world to explore this event by attending to understand the future of AI & Metaverse in India. Mark your calendar for 05 May 2023 in New Delhi.

Metaverse is one of the most significant rising technologies right now. Metaverse is essentially an entire virtual universe simulating elements of the real world. It uses various technologies such as:

Artificial intelligence, Virtual reality, Augmented reality, 3D animation, Blockchain etc.


Artificial Intelligence will play an important role vital role in the inclusivity and accessibility of the Metaverse, making it more functional and user-friendly. AI+METAVERSE India Congress 2023 will discuss & deliberate on how are these technologies shaping up to change the face of the internet and business in India?

Metaverse is the most important & talked technology among the technologist which has the potential to integrate both the physical & digital worlds. It is expected that over 10 billion will be spent on these technologies to carve outs its vision. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of science that deals with developing smart machines that are competent enough to accomplish tasks that usually need human intelligence. When AI is coupled with Metaverse, it guarantees the firmness of the metaverse infrastructure. Apart from this, it transports practicable information to the topmost layers.

AI + Metaverse will come up with a platform that enables the exchange of digital assets and entitlements for the users. This will allow the protection of ownership and no interference from the big tech companies. Now, the bigger question is, will this be possible? Find out the Answers at AI+METAVERSE India Congress 2023 at New Delhi.