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Welcome to the 2nd Annual Network Automation Congress 2023

an exclusive event organized by Nexgen Conferences to maintain our leadership in Telco's events in India. The event is scheduled to be held on 16th June 2023 at The St. Regis – Mumbai.
In this digital era, automation is key to success. The technology building blocks of a digital organization, such as IoT, cloud computing, and mobility, are all dependent on the network. Hence, network automation is essential to ensure that the network is fast, efficient, and reliable. Network automation involves using software to plan, deploy, configure, orchestrate, and assure networks and services. It is increasingly important to manage the complexities of modern, dynamic networks and to orchestrate services in an efficient and effective manner.

The ultimate goal of network automation is to create "zero-touch" or autonomous networks. By implementing automation in 5G networks, telecom operators can address three key operational issues, including reducing human errors in network management and operations, reducing service provisioning time, and improving time-to-cash. Additionally, closed-loop network assurance helps reduce time-to-resolve network and security issues.

Telecom operators' networks are becoming dynamic and heterogeneous. Constantly changing network parameters and configurations to meet customer expectations create a significant amount of complexity. Therefore, efficient network operation without high levels of automation is impractical. Automation improves every aspect of service provider operations, from error reduction in network operations and service management to accelerating tasks.

We invite all stakeholders to participate in this event and understand the collective needs of network automation for telecom operators. The event is committed to providing a complete 360-degree view of network automation progress in India. This platform will bring together industry top executives to discuss and deliberate on network automation, paving the way for a more efficient and reliable network