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11th Aug 2023 | Holiday Inn Aerocity | New Delhi

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We at Nexgen Conferences are pleased to announced India’s Inaugural event on Private 5G Networks titled as Private 5G Network Congress 2023 in New Delhi. At this event – We take this opportunity to invite all stakeholders to come forward and participate at this event to understand the future of Private 5G Networks in India. The event is committed to provide complete 360-degree view of Private 5G Networks in India. We invite you & your brand to mark your calendar for 11th August 2023 in New Delhi.

Recent years have seen a lot of increase in the adoption of private 5G networks, regulators are allocating more and more spectrum to the enterprises so that they can build their own private 5G networks.

This opens up new IoT possibilities and generates new revenue streams. A private 5G network can be thought of as a wireless local area network (LAN) that uses 5G-enabled technologies to create a network with dedicated bandwidth and infrastructure that meets a company's specific connectivity needs. Private 5G networks can also be integrated with Time Sensitive Networking (TSN) for use in industry 4.0. So, future factories will be without cables and wires but can fulfil all requirements of time sensitive applications used in automation and control.

Private 5G is wireless network will deliver cellular connectivity for private network use cases, such as private businesses, third-party providers and municipalities and also the next big thing in digital transformation for enterprises, industries and governments around the world and enables enterprises to dedicate bandwidth for ultra-reliable low-latency use cases such as robotics and industrial IoT, with control over data, security and networks.

We invite all stakeholders to participate in this event and learn how Private 5G networks can transform their businesses. This platform will bring together top industry executives to discuss and deliberate on private 5G network deployment, paving the way for a more efficient and reliable enterprise network.

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Delegates are comprise from Telecom & Enterprise:

CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, CFOs, COOs, Chief Technologists from competitive carriers, VPs – (Business Strategy), Head - IT, Network, Technology, Network Planning and Management) Directors, Head of Strategic Planning Head of Corporate Development, VP- Digital, Head – Digital Transformation,, Head of Engineering, Head of Operations, Head of Business Development, Head of Networks, Head of Programme Development, Govt. officials, Analysts, DOT, TRAI, TEC, Association, Universities, etc.

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