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About Us :

We at Nexgen Conferences is proud to present a premier event, named as CyberSec India Congress 2023, to be scheduled on 13th October at Holiday Inn Aerocity, New Delhi, A dedicated platform to explore the critical challenges and emerging trends in cybersecurity for Industry 4.0. As the Fourth Industrial Revolution continues to transform industries through digitalization, automation, and connectivity, it is crucial to address the evolving cybersecurity landscape and ensure the protection of valuable assets and infrastructure. As industries become increasingly connected and reliant on cyber-physical systems, the need to protect critical infrastructure, sensitive data, and intellectual property has never been more important.

Cybersecurity is of paramount importance in Industry 4.0, which refers to the integration of digital technologies into industrial processes. The interconnected nature of Industry 4.0 systems, which often involve the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, big data analytics, and artificial intelligence, introduces new cybersecurity challenges and risks. Here are some key considerations and best practices for cybersecurity in Industry 4.0:

This conference brings together cybersecurity professionals, industry experts, thought leaders, researchers, Policy makers and cybersecurity enthusiasts to share insights, best practices, and innovative strategies to safeguard Industry 4.0 ecosystems. Join us for whole day of engaging sessions, interactive breaks, and networking opportunities designed to enhance your knowledge and strengthen your organization's security posture.

Key Highlights of the Conference: