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Welcome to SDN NFV India Congress 2018

It gives us great pleasure to announced India’s most successful platform on SDN & NFV, now into its 2nd edition titled as SDN & NFV India Congress 2018, schedule on 11th October 2018 at Mumbai.

It is very evident that Software-defined networking (SDN) and network functions virtualization (NFV) is on the rise. Not a day goes by, without some new statistic, survey or trend being announced that points to the rapid growth in SDN and NFV deployments. Service providers around the world, particularly in India, believes that SDN and NFV will help them to succeed as customer demand increases for more flexible networks and services. In India, enterprises are showing great interest in SDN & NFV. The deployment and expansion of 4G to 5G technology could also persuade operators to adopt SDN and NFV so they can maximize their return on investment. Because the 3G & 4G services is generating such huge demand for capacity, operators will have to virtualized their networks to get the most out of their spending.

SDN &NFV networks will deliver improved network performance by centralizing and separating the control logic to make better traffic decisions. These new virtualized networks promise an increase in flexibility and agility for networks to make them more programmable, dynamic and more architecturally simplistic. Even with all these benefits, there are equally significant risks including the challenge of service assurance at a time where it is more necessary than it ever was with traditional networks.

In order to provide a perfect roadmap of SDN & NFV development, we take this pleasure to invite all stakeholders to come together to discuss the potential of NFV & SDN, plus best practices, operational readiness and deployment challenges.

This platform will highlight very important insights of SDN & NFV in India:

  • KNOW why telecom operators are considering SDN & NFV as suitable technologies for industry transition
  • HEAR the industry experts for future roadmaps of NFV & SDN in Indian Telecom industry
  • How SDN & NFV will be incorporated into their existing and next generation networks
  • LEARN why SDN & NFV is important for telecom operators to maximize their ROI in digitally enabled India
  • MEET the industry experts for minimum 8 hours to network with them to build your business relationship and discuss the latest trends of SDN& NFV technologies
  • LEARN about latest challenges and upcoming trends in NFV & SDN deployment.

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