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About MVNOs India Forum 2018

Arun Dehri Red Down Clnsulting

India is open for business

Welcome mobile leaders!

I am extremely proud to welcome you to Nexgen’s Inaugural MVNO conference. I am delighted to be bringing 20 years of global MVNO and IoT experience back to my hometown. The India market has all the ingredients to deliver huge opportunity for new brands thinking of going mobile. Come and join us to learn how to make this a reality. Hear from experts to help you negotiated airtime agreements, find the best operating partners and develop winning go to market innovations for new segments. We look forward to sharing our insights along with our network of global mobile leaders.

We look forward to seeing you in Delhi at the MVNOs India Forum 2018.


Since the Telecoms Regulatory Authority India opened up the MVNO market in March 2016, India has become the most attractive market for international MVNOs and domestic brands to launch mass market mobile propositions. The MVNO India Forum 2018 is the first conference to address how MNOs and MVNOs as well as international telco players can launch innovative and large-scale MVNOs in India. The Forum is geared towards matching MNOs with these potential MVNO brands, both locally and international.

The MVNO industry is already mature in Europe and North America. A large number of MVNOs have launched and failed. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) have learned a lot in terms of the business propositions that work and don’t work. MVNO Forum India 2018 will give you first hand insight into the wins and losses of MNOs and MVNOs from across the globe. You’ll find out 7 mistakes you must never make in the business and how to build an MVNO proposition that’s profitable from the start.

10 Reasons to Attend MVNOs India Forum 2018

  • Evaluate the current regulatory environment for MVNOs in India
  • Determine how to develop an MVNO wholesale pricing negotiation strategy
  • Understand how to develop a winning MVNO business case
  • Compare the different types of wholesale models: reseller, sub-brand, MVNO light, full MVNO
  • Evaluate which segments and propositions will succeed as MVNOs in India
  • Explore the architecture an MNO needs to develop an MVNO business
  • Understand how to radically reduce time to market when launching new MVNOs
  • Understand how to create attractive data and content based propositions
  • Learn how to build an optimal operating model including distribution
  • Evaluate the opportunity for M2M & IOT services

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